L’Atelier, Bicester Village

  •  Client: L’Atelier
  • Location: Bicester Village
  • Integrated Services: Retail Lighting design


Project Detail

CJ Design have recently designed the MEP services at L’Atelier , Bicester Village. This luxury retail space houses many top watch brands including Rotary, Chopard, Baume and Mercier, Georg Jensen and Eterna; all on display in an elegant selling space of 169m2.
This selling space is clean, elegant and bright with lighting levels of up to 3300 lux within the display cabinets to draw attention to the merchandise on display. The design also included a mixture of 3000k and 4000k colour temperature LEDs, designed  to bring out the natural colours and hues of the watch metals. 
The ceiling houses concealed LED luminaires primarily supplied from Atrium Lighting including the FLos Light Sniper, Light Shooter and Light Cut Mini ranges. These systems help create a crisp and clean ambience which is accentuated by the presence of modern but simple chandelier pendants as focal pieces in the ceiling. 
The concealed intent is enhanced with the presence of plastered in invisible speakers from the Life Fidelity series, supplied by Amina. This system has advanced frequency steering technology to create high performance and crisp clarity.


The illumination of jewellery and timeware is possibly the most challenging of all retail lighting design. Our design successfully presented the merchandise in their finest aspect – David Moir

The Brief

To explore and develop lighting design concepts for the jewellery & timeware retail environment

L'Atelier, Bicester Village

L'Atelier, Bicester Village

L'Atelier, Bicester Village